How To Learn French Grammar Without Tearing Your Hair Out

how to learn French grammar

Grammar is one of the most terrifying aspect of the French language. In fact, it’s the reason many learners give up. But it doesn’t have to be that way. French grammar isn’t that complicated. All you need is to start the right way and follow a few important rules. In today’s article, Kerstin Hammes from [...]

How to easily type French accents on your computer

how to type French accents

Unless you bought your laptop in France, you probably don’t have an AZERTY keyboard. This can be problematic when you write in French. Luckily, there are many ways to type French accents and characters on a foreign keyboard, be it on your computer, your tablet or your phone. Here are the easiest way to type [...]

5 common French expressions with fruits and vegetables

12 French expressions and idioms with fruits and vegetables

Lots of French expressions and idioms contain names of fruits and vegetables. Here is a selection of the most common ones. As usual on French Together, these are real daily-life expressions that you can use to sound more natural.

Here is how you can know the gender of French nouns with 80% accuracy

French nouns gender

Feminine or masculine, that is the question you often ask yourself as a French learner. After hours trying to figure out why “cheveux” (hair) is masculine and “chaise” (chair) feminine, you came to the inevitable conclusion : the gender of French nouns was randomly chosen by a bunch of sadistic  linguists. Luckily, this is not entirely true, and [...]

9 fun ways to improve your understanding of spoken French

understanding spoken French

You have been learning French for a while, but you still can’t understand what French people say, frustrating, right? You can change that, and I am going to show you exactly what to do. If you want to improve your understanding of spoken French (click here to discover how to improve your understanding of written French), [...]

10 useful expressions with the verb “tomber” (to fall)

fall in love in French

Tomber (to fall) is one of the most common French verb. As such, it’s used in many French expressions to talk about a sudden and often unexpected event. Here are 10 useful French idioms with the verb “tomber”. Audio is available for each expression.

Why you don’t need to live in France to learn French

immersion in France

Many people believe that it’s impossible to truly master a language without living in the country where it’s spoken. While it is certainly easier to learn French in France than in China, the latter is far from impossible. In fact, with new technologies, immersing yourself in a learning environment is becoming easier everyday. 

How to watch French TV when you are not in France?

watch French TV online

Whether you like TV or not, there is no doubt that watching TV can help you acquire vocabulary and improve your understanding of French language and culture. As someone living outside of France, you probably wonder how to watch French TV. Here is a list of French TV channels you can watch online and a [...]