9 fun ways to improve your understanding of spoken French

understanding spoken French

You have been learning French for a while, but you still can’t understand what French people say, frustrating, right? You can change that, and I am going to show you exactly what to do. If you want to improve your understanding of spoken French (click here to discover how to improve your understanding of written French), [...]

10 useful expressions with the verb “tomber” (to fall)

fall in love in French

Tomber (to fall) is one of the most common French verb. As such, it’s used in many French expressions to talk about a sudden and often unexpected event. Here are 10 useful French idioms with the verb “tomber”. Audio is available for each expression.

Why you don’t need to live in France to learn French

immersion in France

Many people believe that it’s impossible to truly master a language without living in the country where it’s spoken. While it is certainly easier to learn French in France than in China, the latter is far from impossible. In fact, with new technologies, immersing yourself in a learning environment is becoming easier everyday. 

How to watch French TV when you are not in France?

watch French TV online

Whether you like TV or not, there is no doubt that watching TV can help you acquire vocabulary and improve your understanding of French language and culture. As someone living outside of France, you probably wonder how to watch French TV. Here is a list of French TV channels you can watch online and a [...]

Babbel review : is Babbel the right course for you?

babbel lesson

Babbel is an online language course. It combines writing, listening and practicing in a single interface available both online (via the website) and offline (via the app). This all looks very promising, but is it worth it? Let’s see!

The 10 most hilariously wrong stereotypes about French people

French people drink wine

French people stink, never speak English and dress like fashion models, right? Stephen Clarke thought so too before moving to France. While there is often a part of truth in clichés and stereotypes, the reality is sometimes completely different. Discover the truth behind 10 hilariously wrong French stereotypes.

I bet you already know these French words

preservatives in French

When you start learning French, it often feels like you have to learn everything from scratch. But as an English speaker, you already know lot’s of French words. In fact roughly 29% of English words come from French. Many other words come from Latin, and are similar in French and in English. Which means  you most [...]

Why I love Paris and why you will too (especially if you love food)

I love Paris

I genuinely believe that  each of us was scattered around the world so that we, guided by the heart, spend our life in search of the place. The place we really belong to. I have been changing destinations and time zones throughout my life but at the same time I felt that my place was patiently waiting for me. [...]