Double your reading speed with a few browser extensions

Have you ever been frustrated by the enormous amount of time it takes you to read in a foreign language? I used to have this problem too, my reading was so slow that I would give up, tired to always have to open the dictionary. Luckily, a few browser (chrome, firefox etc) extensions can make reading faster and ultimately more effective. 

Google Dictionary (chrome extension)

learn French with Google Dictionary

Google Dictionary is my favorite language learning extension. Thanks to it I am able to read much more articles in foreign languages than before.

Every time you click on an unknown word, Google Dictionary automatically look up the definition in different dictionaries and provide you with a translation in your native language. If the word refers to a place or a person, the extension will often show you the wikipedia page.

The advantage? You don’t have to open the dictionary any more, one click is enough to translate unknown words. However, the translations aren’t always perfectly accurate since the plugin uses Google Translate most of the time.

Click here to download Google Dictionary (free)

Dictionary Tooltip (firefox extension)

Dictionary Tooltip is a great alternative to Google Dictionary for firefox users. It basically does the same job, that is look up the definition of words when you click on them. However it doesn’t seem to be maintained any more. If you know another good firefox extension to learn languages, feel free to share it in the comment :).

Click here to download Dictionary Tooltip (free)


Language Immersion for Chrome


This language learning extension is slightly different from the previous ones. It was created to immerse you in a language learning environement and it’s exactly what it does.

When you launch Language Immersion for Chrome, you have the choice between three immersion levels, “novice”, “intermediate” and fluent. Depending on the level, more or less words will be translated into your target language. To read the original words, you simply need to select the translated words. Here is a video explaining the concept of this plugin :

Click here to download Language Immersion for Chrome (free) (chrome extension) allows you to look up words you don’t know. In addition to that, you can save words and review them later using flashcards and quizzes.

Contrary to the previous extensions, also pronounces the words.

Click here to download




And you, what language learning extensions do you use? 

  • Lauren Fox

    Google dictionary is pretty cool. I’ve gotten to the point where I can read pretty well in Spanish, but it certainly helps with all those words I just don’t know yet. Much easier than going back and forth to google translate. I’ve been going through texts a lot faster since downloading it to my torch browser.

    • Benjamin

      Yeah it’s an awesome extension :), the kind that makes life much easier. I had never heard about torch browser before, it seems pretty interesting too.

  • Meredith Cicerchia

    They just published a pretty cool infographic on the Winter Olympic Games in Sochi for French learners

    • Benjamin

      Lot’s of interesting information. Thanks for sharing Meredith :).