5 funny French expressions 4

5 funny French expressions 4

The funny French expressions series helps you discover 5 hilarious French expressions each week. Today we are going to talk about bowls full of onions and people who should mind their own business. 

S’occuper de ses oignons

Literally translated as “to take care of one’s onions”, this expression actually doesn’t have anything to do with gardening and cooking. In fact, it’s the counterpart of “to mind your own business”. When you ask someone to take care of his onions, you actually politely (or not depending on the tone) ask them to stop bothering you.

Ce n’est pas ton problème, occupe-toi de tes oignons !

It’s not your problem, mind your own business!


En avoir ras le bol


“To have a bowl full of it”. When your bowl is full of something, it means you have too much of it (unless it’s delicious of course). This expression means you are “sick of it”, you are fed up with something.

J’en ai ras le bol!

I am sick of it!


Avoir la flemmeavoir la flemme French

Do you often have “la flemme”? Are you often lazy? This expression is commonly used to explain a lack of desire to do something or go somewhere. It’s a procrastinator’s favorite.

Je n’y suis pas allé, j’avais la flemme.

I didn’t go there, I was lazy.


Être bien dans sa peau


To feel good in one’s skin. If you feel good in your skin, it means you are comfortable with your body and who you are. You are not afraid of other people’s judgement.


Elle est bien dans sa peau.
She is at ease with herself.


Beaucoup de jeunes ne se sentent pas bien dans leur peau.
Many teenagers don’t feel comfortable with themselves.


Faire la tête

“You make the head” when you are not happy about something and decide to sulk as a result.

Il fait la tête car il n’a pas eu ce qu’il voulait.
He is sulking because he didn’t get what he wanted.


 How are your onions doing?

Language skills are like plants, you need to take care of them to take them to the next level. Create your own sentence using these expressions and post it in the comments below!

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  • Jenny

    Je me suis réveillé en retard ce matin… j’avais la flemme. :-)

    • http://frenchtogether.com/ Benjamin

      Haha, moi aussi :D.

      Just one detail, if you are a girl, you should write “réveillée” instead of “réveillé”. Although many French people omit it, so it’s not a big deal.

      • Jenny

        Oh, okay, merci! :-D

  • Red/

    The first idiom: ses oignons, and not: ses onions
    Anyway nice article!

    • http://frenchtogether.com/ Benjamin

      Arf, English has a bad influence on me! Thanks I just edited the article.

  • Leo

    En fait les oignons à la base, c’est de l’argot pour dire tes fesses il me semble.

    Une autre expression qui fait bien marrer en général c’est “je pète le feu” : “I’m farting fire”.

    • http://frenchtogether.com/ Benjamin

      Merci pour l’information Leo :).

      On a vraiment des expressions étranges :D.