Interview: Kerstin Hammes Cable on Learning French and Overcoming Obstacles

Kerstin Hammes interview

Kerstin Hammes Cable runs the Fluent Language blog, has created her own video course about French grammar and also self-published books about language learning. Kerstin’s native language is German and she’s always on a mission to make complicated things a little more simple as a coach for language learners and teachers. In today’s interview, she talks about the […]

How to Easily Ask Questions in French And Sound Natural

asking questions french

Knowing how to ask questions in French is crucial and relatively easy in most cases. Today you’ll discover how to ask questions in every situation. How to ask yes/no questions in French Yes/no questions are the easiest questions to ask in French, but you’ll only get an answer in yes or no. Here are several […]

10 Funny French Idioms With “Prendre” (to Take)

prendre ses jambes à son cou

Do you sometimes hear sentences you should understand, because you know all the words, but don’t?   The Everyday French Idioms series is designed to help you understand and learn the most common French idioms. As a result, you’ll not only better understand French, but also speak it more naturally. Today, you’ll discover common idioms […]

Beginner Conversational French 02: Introduce Yourself in French

French introductions

Welcome to the second lesson of the Beginner Conversational French series, a series of lessons designed to help you have your fist French conversation within six months. After discovering French greetings, you will now learn how to introduce yourself in French.

The Beginner’s Guide to Mastering the French Present Tense

French present tense

The French present tense is the most useful French tense, it’s also the first tense you learn as a beginner. This article shows you how to use patterns and high-frequency verbs to quickly master it. You’ll also find a free bonus that will help you do that at the end of the article When should […]

Beginner Conversational French 01: French Greetings

french greetings

Welcome to the first lesson of the Beginner Conversational French series, a series of lessons designed to help you have your fist French conversation within six months. Today, you will learn how to greet people in French both formally and informally. You will also learn why you can’t greet French people the way you greet Americans. Finally, you […]

How to Get the Most Out of Your French Language Exchange

French language exchange

What if you could practice and learn French with a native speaker, meet people from all around the world and make lifelong friends along the way? Does this sound like something for you? Language exchange is an awesome way to do exactly that, without spending a single penny. As the co-founder of a language exchange website […]

Should You Pronounce the Final Letter of French Words?

final French letter pronunciation

There is no way to know whether you should pronounce the final letter of a French word or not. That’s at least what most French textbooks say. Luckily, this isn’t entirely true. It turns out there is a formula that can help you know whether you should pronounce the last letter of a word or […]

FluentU French Review: Learn French With Videos

FluentU review

What if you could watch Youtube videos and learn French at the same time? You could expand your vocabulary by listening to French music or learn to speak French like a real Parisian. it’s now possible with FluentU.