Become a confident French speaker with 10 minutes of real-world conversation practice a day

Learn French through 90 authentic dialogues, get AI pronunciation feedback and practice listening and speaking!

Learn the French you actually need

Dive into practical, real-world French conversations. From discussing your favorite film to navigating a train station, you’ll learn the vocabulary, grammar, and natural flow of everyday French interactions.

Choose from our curated learning paths, which progress from beginner to intermediate level dialogues. Or pick a specific scenario you want to practice before heading out into the world.

French Together listening practice

Get used to real spoken French

Our dialogues are recorded by professional voice actors, giving you exposure to the pace, pronunciation, and colloquial expressions used by native speakers in everyday situations.

Each dialogue is recorded at both a slower pace and normal conversational speed. This allows you to first train your ear, then gradually get used to the rapid-fire pace of real-life French.

French Together AI pronunciation practice

Perfect your pronunciation with AI

Receive real-time, personalized feedback on your French pronunciation from our cutting-edge AI technology.

Pinpoint problem areas, correct mistakes, and master the exact sounds and intonations needed to communicate clearly and confidently.

French Together flashcards

Interactive flashcards

Whether you’re commuting, doing chores, or have just a few moments to spare, French Together’s intelligent flashcards are a quick and convenient way to review the vocabulary you are the most at risk of forgetting.

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