How French Together Helps You Become a Confident French Speaker

Do you sometimes wonder if you’ll ever speak French fluently? Does it sometimes feel like you’ll never be able to pronounce French words correctly and master French grammar?

That’s perfectly normal, but it doesn’t have to be that way.

You don’t need the language learning gene to become fluent in French, you don’t need to live in France, you don’t even need to spend a sunny Sunday afternoon learning the conjugation of the verb “avoir” by heart.

French Together™ teaches you the 20% French you need to understand 80% of conversations and speak with confidence.

Here is what you will find on French Together:

  • The phrases and words locals use all the time but that textbooks don’t teach you.
  • The cultural knowledge you need to not only speak French but also act French.
  • The grammar rules that are truly useful like this simple gender rule.

Here is what you won’t find on French Together:

Bonjour ! I’m Benjamin Houy
Benjamin Houy

I’m a Frenchman living in London and the founder of French Together.

When I created French Together™ in 2013, I had no idea of how to learn  languages, and frankly, I didn’t care that much.

All the people around me spoke French and most of them didn’t understand a word of English.

At that time, learning languages sounded like a boring process, all about grammar books and endless lessons….

So when I discovered learning could not only be fun but that speaking other languages could open up a whole new world full of great discoveries, exchanges, and amazing experiences, everything changed.

Instead of focusing on repeating endless lists of words in the hope that it would finally stay in my memory, I decided to learn languages by doing everything I could in the languages I was learning.

I quickly became addicted to watching movies and series in English, and writing and speaking in English suddenly became a lot easier.

Not only did I make more progress in one year than I had made in the six previous years, but I had fun doing it.

Every new encounter with foreigners made my desire to learn languages and discover new cultures grow.

After an amazing experience teaching French in South Korea, I created French Together to help you learn French the way I learned English: using a proven method and lots of authentic French content.

Bonjour! I’m Alysa Salzberg!

Alysa Salzberg at Le Bouillon Chartier

I’m an American who’s in love with French and France, just like you might be. I write most of the free French lessons you will find on French Together.

I first visited Paris when I was 13 years old, and knew it was where I wanted to be.

It wasn’t easy (that’s an understatement!) but I’m so happy to say that I’ve now lived in Paris for most of my adult life.

I speak fluent French, have French friends and clients, a Franco-American family, a favorite neighborhood boulangerie, a collection of old French photographs I’ve picked up at brocantes, and lots of stories to tell.

In addition to my work as a writer, I’ve taught English to French students of all ages, from kids in French elementary schools, to executives in French businesses.

My struggles to learn French, as well as the challenges my students have faced with English, have taught me so much. Learning a language is a complex process that never really stops. But that doesn’t mean it shouldn’t be fun, interesting, and even inspiring.

I love sharing the things I’ve learned about French, France, Francophone culture, and French history (especially the weird stuff) – and learning more in the process.