The most useful conversational French phrases for everyday life

Overhead view of two people at a table. Each one wears long sleeves with a print pattern and holds a coffee cup in their hands.

For most of us, learning French (or any language) comes with a few ultimate goals. One of them is to have a conversation with a native speaker. Luckily, this isn’t a difficult goal to accomplish. Even if your conversational French is at beginner level, with a few key words and phrases, you can have a …


8 Ways to Say “Perfect” in French

Sideways view of a display of perfectly symmetrical pastries, including croissants

Parfait is how you say “perfect” in French. But if you’re looking for some other options, that’s perfectly natural! Let’s look at eight ways to say perfect in French! 8 ways to say “perfect” in French The perfect “perfect”: parfait(e) Parfait is the standard way to say “perfect” in French. It can be used in both …


From “Miaou” to “Cocorico : ” 21 must-know French animal sounds

Close up of a rooster's head in profile. His beak is open and we can imagine him saying Cocorico!

What sound does a snake make in French? What does a French rooster sound like? How do you say “oink” or “moo” in French? These may seem like silly questions, but if you’re anything like me, at some point in your French learning journey you’ll probably be wondering about them. (By the way, the answers …


The most common French adjectives (and how to use them)

French adjectives rules

In English, adjectives are pretty easy to use. You put them before the noun they describe and you’re done. In French however, the placement of adjectives varies. And if that wasn’t enough to confuse you, most adjectives also change depending on whether the noun they describe is masculine, feminine, singular or plural. Luckily, in today’s lesson, you’ll …