Miam! The Mouthwatering guide to French viennoiseries

France’s current favorite viennoiserie is known as le pain au chocolat in most of the country. But in the southwest (as well as abroad, in Quebec), it’s called la chocolatine

An estimated 12 million French people go to their boulangerie (bakery) every day.  But what do they buy there?  Baguettes (in many different varieties) are still the top-seller – the French really do love and eat them as much as stereotypes seem to suggest.  But among other boulangerie staples are viennoiseries — pastries like palmiers, …


My Parisian Year (How Paris Changes from Season to Season)

my Parisian year

Paris has 4 distinct seasons: winter, spring, summer, fall – but each month has so many features that make it stand out, that it’s often difficult to divide the year into such large portions.  I’m not the only Parisian (native or otherwise) to think this.  Les Très Riches Heures du Duc de Berry, the famous …


Get out of Here! How to Use and Conjugate Sortir like a Local


Sortir (to get out) is a verb full of exceptions.  It’s irregular, and it can have either être or avoir  as an auxiliary verb, depending on the meaning you want to convey. Like that one friend we all know, it may be complicated, but it’s also really helpful.  So, let’s take a closer look at …


The Complete Guide to Ordering, Drinking and Talking About Water in French

water in french

Of all the words that intimidate the beginner French students I’ve worked with, eau is in the top 10.  For speakers of many other languages, it’s such a strange combination of letters.  Eau — how the heck do you pronounce that?  Luckily, they soon learn that it’s much easier than it looks: it’s pronounced like …