The Ultimate Guide to the Passé Composé (And The DR MRS P. VANDERTRAMP Rule)

Dr and Mrs Vandertrampp

“Please don’t use the passé simple tense in your essay.” This is the first sentence our professor told us, a group of French college students, as we were about to take an exam. “Most French college students don’t know how to use the passé simple properly”, he went on. My professor was right. Most French …


The 29 Best French Children’s Books for Beginner and Intermediate Learners

citation le petit prince

If you’ve ever opened Le Petit Prince, you know that French children’s books aren’t necessarily easy to understand as a French learner. Many use the passé simple, a tense even educated French people struggle with. Others use old-fashioned vocabulary you clearly don’t need as a beginner. After thinking about all the children’s books I loved …


25 Ways to Say Yes in French

"yes" written the sand

If you spend some time in France or do a lot of reading or listening in French, you’ll notice that the French don’t always answer “oui” when you ask them a question. Instead, they might use the equivalent of “of course”, “yup” or “maybe”, or expressions like “Of course”, “I agree,” and “That’s it precisely.”  There’s …


100 French Idioms That’ll Help You Sound like a Local

French idioms

Have you ever read or heard a sentence you couldn’t understand despite knowing all the words? A sentence whose meaning was as mysterious as the meaning of the French words on Forever 21 t-shirts? You just discovered the wonderful world of French idioms. These are expressions equivalent to “alright”, “to go the extra mile” or …