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How to say “happy Thanksgiving” in French?

French thanksgiving

Unlike Americans and Canadians, French people don’t celebrate Thanksgiving, In fact, the only thing most French people know about Thanksgiving is that it’s a day where Americans eat turkeys. This may sound surprising, but it’s actually logical if you consider the history of Thanksgiving. How to say “happy Thanksgiving” in French! Thanksgiving isn’t celebrated in France …


How to Conjugate the Verb pouvoir (can)

view of the Eiffel tower on a sunny day

“Pouvoir” is a powerful verb. Once you know it, you can easily ask people to do something, and express what you can do. Here is how to conjugate and use “pouvoir”. Conjugation of pouvoir (can) I voluntarily chose not to include tenses like “passé simple”, because unless you are interested in French literature, you won’t need …


The surprising meanings of Mais non and Non mais

A very fat, perhaps pregnant lemur stares at something off-camera open-mouthed, perhaps in surprise.

If you speak even a little French, you’ve probably learned that the word mais means “but”. But with this in mind, you may have come upon some phrases with mais that surprised you, including Mais non and Non mais. Let’s learn about the meanings of mais non and non mais! What does Mais non mean? Taken apart and …


The most common French adjectives (and how to use them)

French adjectives rules

In English, adjectives are pretty easy to use. You put them before the noun they describe and you’re done. In French however, the placement of adjectives varies. And if that wasn’t enough to confuse you, adjectives also change depending on whether the noun they describe is masculine, feminine, singular or plurial. Luckily, in today’s lesson, you’ll discover …


6 easy French recipes to bring France to your home

French recipes

There is more to French cuisine than cuisses de grenouilles (frog legs) and escargots (snails). In fact, many French people never ate these two dishes. In this article, Akita Ropiquet shows you how to make some of his favorite easy French recipes from the comfort of your home and offers interesting cultural insights about each …