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9 Ways to Say “France” in French

Groups of five French flags on flagpoles on the balconies of an official-looking building

You may know some words for “country” in French, including le pays and la patrie. But how do you say “France” in French, specifically?  It turns out you have several options. Let’s look at the most common. How to say “France” in French Here are six common ways the French refer to their country, whether in …


Voilà: What’s the meaning of the popular French word?

An overhead image of three girls pointing at the screen of a laptop computer on a coffee table in front of them. We can only see their legs, feet, and parts of their torsos, as well as their arms. We can see two of the girls are blonde. They are wearing jeans in different colors and sweaters or peasant blouses. The girl in the middle has jeans with large holes in the knees.

Voilà is a word you’ve probably heard at least a few times before, even in languages other than English. But maybe you’re wondering what exactly voilà means, and how to use it in French. Looking for an explanation of all things voilà?  Here it is! What does voilà mean? Voilà essentially means “here or there something/someone is”. By extension, …


Getting to the bottom of the French words “dessous” and “dessus”

Three young women in denim jackets stand together with arms linked. We see their upper legs and torsos, up to their necks. We can see that two of the girls are blonde and the other is brunette. They seem to be outdoors, since their hair is blowing in the wind, but we can't make out the background. Below their open jackets, each wears a white t-shirt. Each has painted nails - red, pink, and hot pink, respectively - and each is wearing some kind of jewelry. The woman on the left is wearing a long necklace with a gold pendant. The one in the center is wearing a necklace with stones and a pendant of a ring and leather tie, and the one on the right is wearing a wedding ring and a watch.

In French, you’ll often come across two similar words that are actually each other’s opposite: dessous and dessus. What is the difference between dessous and dessus? What do they mean? And how are they used? Let’s learn about these two sometimes tricky words that can turn the world upside-down! What do dessous and dessus mean? Dessous essentially means “under(it)” or …