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Looking for a great way to learn French for free? These French lessons will teach you the 20% of vocabulary and grammar you need to understand 80% of everyday conversations and speak with confidence.

You will also discover how to learn French fast and learn about French culture and pronunciation.

Oh and most of these lessons come with audio recorded by native French speakers and are ogaznized by level (beginner or intermediate).

Pimsleur review: is Pimsleur the right method for you?

pimsleur french

After a review of Rocket French, time has come to review pimsleur, one of the most popular language learning method. Developed by a linguist and used by numerous governmental agencies and companies, the pimsleur Method has everything to please. But does it live up to the expectations?  What is pimsleur? pimsleur is an audio-based language …


Here is why you should go travel now

view of the Eiffel tower on a sunny day

You imagine yourself on the beach in Hawai, or perhaps somewhere in the Himalayas. Travelling would be awesome, wouldn’t it But you are afraid, terribly afraid. You never did it before after all. What if it’s dangerous? What if you don’t understand the language? Or maybe you don’t have enough money to go. I was like that too, but then…

3 funny differences between Canadian French and French from France

view of the Eiffel tower on a sunny day

As a learner of French, it’s only a matter of time before you start coming across usages unique to the Québécois, who are notorious for speaking French with a twist! You already know 9 things you shouldn’t say in France (unless you want to feel awkward). Here are three usages to pique your interest in …