The essential guide to conjugating and using the French verb “servir”

A close-up on a waiter's torso and arm. In his outstretched hand he's holding a plate wtih a salad garnished with tiny red berries - very pretty plating.

Servir: to serve. Such a helpful French verb…well, not exactly. Because service goes both ways. Not only might you be served by someone or use something to help you accomplish a task; you may also be doing the serving or even be used (manipulated) by someone! This dichotomy is also a way to remember that …


Everything you’ve ever wanted to know about the French verb “vouloir”

A white dog and a black and white cat stare longingly at a plate of food on the table in front of them. They are sitting on a chair in the background.

Vouloir means “to want’ in French. That means it can convey a demand or desire – but it’s also used to convey the total opposite: an ultra-polite request. Want to learn more about this two-sided verb? I want nothing more than to help you. How to conjugate vouloir Vouloir is an irregular verb. It’s conjugated …