How to say “happy Thanksgiving” in French?

French thanksgiving

Unlike Americans and Canadians, French people don’t celebrate Thanksgiving, In fact, the only thing most French people know about Thanksgiving is that it’s a day where Americans eat turkeys. This may sound surprising, but it’s actually logical if you consider the history of Thanksgiving. How to say “happy Thanksgiving” in French! Thanksgiving isn’t celebrated in France …


6 easy French recipes to bring France to your home

French recipes

There is more to French cuisine than cuisses de grenouilles (frog legs) and escargots (snails). In fact, many French people never ate these two dishes. In this article, Akita Ropiquet shows you how to make some of his favorite easy French recipes from the comfort of your home and offers interesting cultural insights about each …


How to say “happy birthday” in French (and the mistakes to avoid)

happy birthday

There are some cultural details we take for granted. If you’ve ever celebrated classmates’ birthdays in your French class, or seen a French movie or TV show where there was a birthday (un anniversaire), you might think you’ve got French birthday traditions down pat. Then there may come a day when you’re invited to a …


7 surprising differences between French and Anglo-Saxon parenting

Parent seen from the waist to the ankles wearing gray jeans holds hands with their young baby, walking along a lake shore

Thanks to books like Bringing Up Bébé, the French parenting style means well-behaved children who’ll eat just about any kind of food, and parents who are impeccably glamorous and unflappable. But is there really a “French parenting style”? Are all French kids really well-behaved? And do French parents really stay flawless no matter the circumstances? …


Who is Marianne, symbol of the French Republic?

The large, famous bronze statue of Marianne at the center of the Place de la Republique in Paris.

While studying or visiting France, you might have noticed a woman with unbound hair and a strange bonnet on her head cropping up in different places. Sometimes she’s topless, other times not, and she’s always wearing some version of a classical toga or chiton. At times, she’s fierce, other times peaceful. This woman is Marianne, …