French street names

Fishing Cats and Sausage Paving Stones: 20 Bizarre French Street Names

Many French street names aren’t particularly surprising. Charles de Gaulle leads the pack as the person with the most streets named after him. Other streets, boulevards, avenues, or places (squares) are frequently named in honor of La République, la Nation, or nearby locations like l’église or le marché. But some French street, avenue, boulevard, and … Read More

best French youtubers

41 Popular French Youtubers That Will Help You Better Understand Spoken French

Watching YouTube videos is an excellent way to improve your listening skills and learn useful vocabulary while having fun.  But will you be able to understand French YouTubers if you’re not a native or advanced-level French speaker?  In most cases, yes! A significant number of French YouTubers’ videos offer French and English subtitles. Chalk it … Read More