The Complete Guide to Ordering, Drinking and Talking About Water in French

water in french

Of all the words that intimidate the beginner French students I’ve worked with, eau is in the top 10.  For speakers of many other languages, it’s such a strange combination of letters.  Eau — how the heck do you pronounce that?  Luckily, they soon learn that it’s much easier than it looks: it’s pronounced like …


The 14 Best Youtube Channels to Learn French for Free (Ranked by Level)

learn French youtube

According to a study by PhD graduate Paul Sulzberger from Victoria University, listening to a language is one of the most efficient ways to learn it. To do that, you could listen to a podcast, watch French TV or watch French movies. Or you could go to Youtube and learn French with one of the Youtube channels I selected for you. …


How do the French celebrate Halloween and La Toussaint?

halloween in France

The French Halloween celebration is very modest compared to the American one, but this doesn’t mean nothing happens. Today you’ll discover what French people do on Halloween and what la Toussaint is all about. What’s the origin of halloween? The origin of Halloween is unclear. Some scholars believe it comes from the celtic harvest festival …