Everything you need to know about sunny Provence

From behind trees, we see the Citadelle of Saint-Tropez, a group of old buildings in a port. Further on is the Mediterranean sea, with a few scattered boats. In the distance is another coastal city with mountains behind it. The sky is sunny.

With its lavender fields, Herbes de Provence, famous Mediterranean beaches, and (generally) sunny weather, Provence is one of the best-known and most iconic regions of mainland France. But if you are like most people, you probably don’t know much more about the history, culture and food of this beautiful region of France. Today, let’s discover …


What’s French architecture like?

A girl with long blonde hair wearing a straw canotier-style hat stands on a balcony and leans her cocktail on the ledge. She looks out over what might be a tree-filled park and sees a row of Haussmannian buildings, with the Sacre-Coeur in the background.

Homes, shelters, temples, churches, and other structures have dotted the French landscape since prehistoric times. Today, you can see everything from Gallo-Roman ruins to Romanesque churches to Modernist houses. But when we think of French architecture, a few specific, distinctive styles that originated here especially come to mind. Let’s learn more about these iconic types …


Guadeloupe: The beautiful island where France meets the Caribbean

A sandy beach with vegetation and palm trees leads to clear ocean water

When learning and teaching the French language and culture, we tend to focus on mainland France. But of course, that’s not where all Francophones live or come from. And it’s not even, officially, the entirety of the country of France. Let’s take a look at another part of France and Francophone culture: Guadeloupe. Where is Guadeloupe? Guadeloupe …


What does rentrer mean exactly? (and how to conjugate it)

A small entry door and large shuttered window of a typical French suburban house.

The verb rentrer means “to re-enter”/go back inside”, “go home”, or ”fit inside” —  at least most of the time. Let’s learn more about this very common French verb that you’re almost sure to rentrer dedans (bump into) at some point. Rentrer conjugation Rentrer is a regular -er verb that’s conjugated with être in compound tenses, which means the participle …