How to call French numbers (and avoid embarrassing misdials)

yellow phone by sofa

It’s easy enough to log onto the internet and start spotting and using French internet slang. But what about calling a French number if you want to use some of your newly acquired French text message vocabulary in a text exchange with a friend? Okay, if you’re overseas, you’ll probably be texting your French friends …


Five reasons Pepé Le Pew isn’t really French

A striped skunk with an undeniably adorable pink nose looks offended or spooked by something. He is outside, standing on grass and leaves, but the image is a close-up.

Although he’s become a controversial figure, for many of us, Looney Tunes character Pepé Le Pew was our first introduction to French culture. The skunk’s accent and love- and sex -obsessed nature are what many people outside France think of as typically French. But Pepé Le Pew isn’t French at all. Here’s why. Five reasons …


Josephine Baker: the incredible story of a spy, dancer and activist

An old-fashioned microphone in the foreground, with a blurred background of lights.

In the 19th and 20th centuries, a number of notable Black Americans found refuge in France, especially Paris. There was no segregation in France (at least not legally), and while they did encounter racism, it wasn’t on the scale or with the violence of what they’d experienced in America. Thanks to this, amazing talents like …