8 Ways to Say “May” in French

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May I have a moment of your time to talk about the word “may” in French? ….Actually, it may take more than a moment, since “may” is one of those words that doesn’t have a single or precise French equivalent.  May I accompany you on this journey to learn about “may” in French? The meanings …


Everything You Need to Know About the French Verb “Savoir”

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Savoir means “to know” in French. Let’s explore all things savoir, starting with its conjugation. Savoir conjugation Savoir is an irregular verb, which means you’ll have to memorize its conjugations. A small consolation is that it’s conjugated with avoir in compound tenses, so you don’t have to agree the participle and the subject in a …


All About “Mettre”, One of the Most Underrated French Verbs

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As French verbs go, mettre isn’t the most exciting. It’s got practical definitions, it isn’t living a double life, and it doesn’t immediately evoke big, thrilling feelings like inspiration.  But mettre might also be one of the most underrated verbs in French. It’s used in so many ways and in so many expressions that it’s …


7 Ways of Saying “by” in French

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It may have only two letters, but “by” is a big a word!  We use it in so many situations, from giving directions, to talking about art and literature, to expressions – and so much more. But unlike many other words like this, “by” doesn’t have an exact, constant French equivalent. Luckily, if by chance …