How to Use the French Verb Créer (And Understand All Its Nuances)

Créer is the French verb that means “to create.” As in English and many other languages, it can be used to talk about the creation of just about anything, from a masterpiece, to a monster; from a problem, to a solution.

At a glance, the French verb créer looks pretty creative, with its little accent like a beret jauntily perched on an artist’s head.  This may make it seem complex and complicated. But while créer can be used to talk about complex projects and works of art, it’s actually a pretty easygoing verb! Let’s get to …


Bien vs Bon: Which One Should You Use?

view of the Eiffel tower on a sunny day

Should you use “bon” or “bien”? That’s a simple question, with a complicated answer. Most of the time “bien” means “well” while “bon” means “good”. But there are so many exceptions one can hardly consider that a rule. To make it easier to understand, here are 11 common situations where you should either use “bien” or …