É, È, é, è: The Essential Guide to the French “E”

French written in wooden puzzle letters

When you’re studying a language, it’s important to learn about words and culture, but what about individual letters?  The French language has an interesting relationship to some of them. French vowels, as you’ve probably noticed, are sometimes topped by accents. These can serve an important purpose, but sometimes…not so much. And while many French people …


French Audio Dictionaries Put to the Test: Which One Should You Use?

French pronunciation audio

When you learn a new French word, it’s tempting to read it before you hear it pronounced. Unfortunately, most French words sound nothing like the way they are written and reading them before hearing their pronunciation is a recipe for disaster because you’ll naturally pronounce French words the way you think they should be pronounced …


7 French Pronunciation Tips to Avoid Sounding Like a Tourist

French pronunciation tips

Have you ever pronounced a French sentence only to realise that native speakers can’t understand a word you say? Frustrating, right? Luckily, mastering French pronunciation isn’t that complicated. All you need to do is follow these 7 tips! 1.Avoid simplified French pronunciations Lots of textbooks and French courses show you how to pronounce French words …


Mimic Method French: Can It Help You Improve Your Pronunciation?

mimic method French

French pronunciation is tricky and there is nothing more frustrating than to spend time learning French and then hear “désolé, je ne comprends pas” (sorry I don’t understand) as soon as you speak. That’s why I recommend you to work on your pronunciation as soon as you start learning French. A great way to do that is …