Good or bad: What does “terrible” mean in French?

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The French word terrible means something is bad – but it can also mean something is really good! Let’s take a look at the tricky French usage of terrible. Does terrible mean bad or good in French? If you look up terrible in a French dictionary or a site like Wiktionniare, most of the definitions will show that terrible means, …


6 ways to say “Good evening” in French

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Bonsoir is the most common way to say “Good evening” in French. Although Bonjour is a French greeting you can use at any time, the French have a fondness for being specific. That’s why you’ll usually hear people greet each other with Bonsoir instead, in the evening and night. But Bonsoir isn’t the only way to say “Good evening” in …


The beginner’s guide to French ordinal numbers | With audio pronunciation

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Ordinal numbers are numbers used to show the order of something – for instance, first, second, two hundredth, etc.  To make a regular, or cardinal, French number an ordinal number, most of the time you’ll add the suffix -ième to it. But there are a few exceptions, notably the number un, which becomes premier or première, depending …


What does “Merde” mean exactly? (it’s not just “shit”)

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Merde means “shit” or “crap” in French. It can also mean “Break a leg” (the traditional way theater actors wish each other luck before a performance). If you’re not a fan of swear words, you may be wondering why we’re devoting an entire article to this one. When you learn a language, you should ideally know …


The most useful conversational French phrases for everyday life

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For most of us, learning French (or any language) comes with a few ultimate goals. One of them is to have a conversation with a native speaker. Luckily, this isn’t a difficult goal to accomplish. Even if your conversational French is at beginner level, with a few key words and phrases, you can have a …


8 Ways to Say “Perfect” in French

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Parfait is how you say “perfect” in French. But if you’re looking for some other options, that’s perfectly natural! Let’s look at eight ways to say perfect in French! 8 ways to say “perfect” in French The perfect “perfect”: parfait(e) Parfait is the standard way to say “perfect” in French. It can be used in both …