How to say “cat” in French – and other essential French vocabulary for cat lovers

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Chat is “cat” in French. But what about “kitty”, “kitten”, “pussy cat”, and other feline monikers? Let’s look at the many ways to say “cat” in French – including one to be careful with! 9 ways to say “cat” in French Since we cat people like to talk about our favorite animal in lots of creative …


8 ways to use “bien sûr” like a local

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Bien sûr means “of course” or “naturally” in French. It’s a very common expression that you’ll encounter in many different situations. Do you want to speak French like a native speaker? Bien sûr ! That’s why it’s important to know how to use bien sûr. Here are the eight most common ways bien sûr is used in French. …


More than but: The other common meanings of “mais”

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Mais means “but” in French – but it can also have other meanings. Notably, it’s often used for emphasis — usually to show disbelief or annoyance. It’s also a common filler or transition word. Let’s get to know the most common meanings of mais. Mais as “but” Mais is probably most commonly  used to mean “but” in …


7 ways to say “what” in French

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“What” in French is quoi…or que, or quel(le)(s), or qu’est-ce que/qu’est-ce qui, or ce que/ce qui/ce dont. But these can’t be used interchangeably. What’s going on here is that there is no single word for “what” in French – rather, you could think of it as if the French language has divided up the many …


9 unique, untranslatable French words

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What are the most unique French words? French has many beautiful, funny, and otherwise memorable words, and some of them have no exact, single-word equivalent in other languages. Let’s discover nine of these unique, untranslatable French words. 9 unique and untranslatable French words Here are 9 unique and untranslatable words that you’ll often come across …