The 14 Best Websites and Apps for French Conversation Practice

Two women seem to share a joke at a sunny cafe terrace.

According to a famous French proverb, C’est en forgeant que l’on devient forgeron (It’s by forging that one becomes a blacksmith). It’s also by speaking French that one becomes a better French speaker. The problem is that you may not know anyone you can speak French with. Luckily, there are lots of opportunities for French speaking …


The Best French Translation Apps (And Why You Can’t Trust Them)

French translation

French translation apps are practical. They help you quickly understand what you read and communicate more easily. Can you trust their translations, though? That’s what I wanted to find out, so I decided to ask the most popular free online translation apps to translate a simple dialogue from English, into French. Which free online translation …


The Best French Podcasts to Listen to (And the Ones to Avoid)

12 podcasts that'll help you learn French faster

Podcasts are very à la mode these days, which means you can find at least one covering just about any subject imaginable. Luckily, that includes learning French. Let’s look at the pros and cons of some of the best French learning podcasts.  And since English isn’t the only language podcasts come in, we’ll also check …