8 French Dictionary Apps You Should Use in 2021

French dictionary

I often look at the massive Harper Collins Robert Fifth Edition unabridged French-English/English-French Dictionary that sits on my bookshelves. Not just in it, but at it. The dictionary represents another time for me, when I was traveling back and forth between the US and France, first as a student, then an assistant English teacher, and, …


Why French People Switch to English – and How to Stop Them

why French people switch to english

Have you ever started talking to someone in French and then they switched to English?  Maybe it happened immediately, or maybe it was after you’d uttered a sentence or two.  It probably made you feel bad or ashamed; after all, if a French person replies to you in English, it clearly means that you were …


How Language Learning Helped Me Fight Depression

language learning depression

Travel to a foreign land. Seduce the girl. Business expansion. Though there are countless reasons as to why people decide to learn a foreign language, these falling amidst the most popular, here is a word that isn’t often tagged alongside motivations for language learning: depression My struggles with depression At 33 (or as I like …


What’s the Best Way to Learn French and Quickly Speak French with Confidence?

best way to learn French

Ever wondered how long you need to speak French fluently or what’s the best way to learn French? Some people take years, others take months and there are usually only two differences between these people: what they learn and how often they learn. This article will help you set realistic expectations and reveal 5 rules …