The Staircase review

The Staircase: A Unique Storytelling Method for Intermediate French Learners

After graduating from the Sorbonne University with a Master’s degree in Linguistics and teaching French to over 4,000 students online, Léa Tirard-Hersant decided to use her experience to create Le Staircase. The result is an online French course relying heavily on storytelling to help you reach level B2 of the Common European Framework of Reference … Read More

Mosalingua: Learn French Phrases on Your Phone and Meet My Favorite French Phrasebook

The idea behind Mosalingua is that you can learn French much faster if you focus on the essential. Instead of learning vocabulary lists and grammar rules by heart, you learn high-frequency vocabulary and learn grammar naturally by observing how sentences are constructed. All this from your phone (Android and IOS app). To do that, Mosalingua uses a SRS … Read More