Duolingo review: Is Duolingo the best way to learn French?

Duolingo is one of the most popular language learning apps – but is it the right one for you? I’ve spent the past few days completing Duolilngo lessons and tests for different levels of French. Here’s what I’ve discovered about the app with the ow and how it compares with French Togetherl. What is Duolingo? …


Babbel review: Is Babbel a good way to learn French?

Launched in 2008, with a learning system developed by educators and linguists, Babbel is one of the most famous language learning apps on the market, But is Babbel a good choice for French learners and is it a better choice than conversational French apps like French Together? I recently sat down and put the app …


Is Ilini the Best Way to Learn French with Videos?

Language learning platforms are online programs that let you study a language in their own specific way. Some focus on writing or listening, while others might be more about vocabulary or grammar.

One language learning platform I recently discovered is Ilini. Founded in 2017, Ilini at first seems similar to FluentU, a platform I reviewed previously. But exploring Ilini, I quickly discovered some major differences.

Let’s take a closer look at the Ilini language learning platform. Could it be just what you need to take your French to the next level?


FluentU Review: Learn French With Videos

There are so many ways to learn and practice a foreign language today. One of the easiest is by using an online language learning platform.  Language learning platforms aren’t complete universes unto themselves – each platform has its own way of teaching and its own materials, so you aren’t likely to find, say, written lessons, …


The Staircase: A Unique Storytelling Method for Intermediate French Learners

After graduating from the Sorbonne University with a Master’s degree in Linguistics and teaching French to over 4,000 students online, Léa Tirard-Hersant decided to use her experience to create Le Staircase. The result is an online French course relying heavily on storytelling to help you reach level B2 of the Common European Framework of Reference …


Mimic Method French: Can It Help You Improve Your Pronunciation?

French pronunciation is tricky and there is nothing more frustrating than to spend time learning French and then hear “désolé, je ne comprends pas” (sorry I don’t understand) as soon as you speak. That’s why I recommend you to work on your pronunciation as soon as you start learning French. A great way to do that is …