There are lots of resources you can use to learn French.

This is great, because it means you have lots of choice.

Unfortunately, it can quickly become overwhelming.

Which is why I’ve done all the hard work for you and selected a few essential resources you can use to learn naturally.

Disclosure: this page contains affiliate links. This means that at no additional cost for you,  I may receive a commission if you make a purchase via some of these links. Merci for your support.

Learn authentic French

30_Day_French30-Day French

This is my 30-day crash course for beginners. It helps you learn French naturally with short lessons you can easily fit into your day.

Here is what people love the most about it:

  • It teaches you French with everyday conversations.
  • You learn grammar naturally and don’t have to strain to memorize.
  • It comes with audio at slow and normal speed.

Français Authentique (for intermediate and advanced learners)

Français Authentique30-Day French is great for beginners, but if you already understand French and mainly struggle to understand spoken French and express yourself , Français Authentique is a better choice.

Unlike most courses, Français Authentique is entirely in French. But don’t worry! Johan speaks slowly and you can download transcripts.
Click here to read my review of Français Authentique.

Find a conversation partner and get feedback


Do you wish you had someone to practice French with? HelloTalk makes your wish come true. This awesome app allows you to easily chat and talk with native French speakers.

You can even use it to find someone near you. And trust me, unless you live in Antartica, chances are there are French people near you.


Lang-8 is a cool website where you can post your texts in French and get corrections from native speakers. Ideal to become a better French writter and correct the mistakes you make.

You could use it to write about your day…in French. An exhausting but effective way to learn French.


Looking for a French teacher or tutor? Italki is a great website where you can easily find one. Prices vary a lot depending on the teacher’s experience and service provided.


BonPatron automatically corrects what you write and warns you about potential grammar mistakes. Don’t forget to check “je est féminin” if you’re a woman.

Improve your pronunciation and listening skills