How to find the perfect French tutor online

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Learning French on your own is awesome.

You may already have a pen pal, or participate in French conversation practice classes.

But there may be a point when you want to hire a tutor or teacher to help you. Here is how to find the perfect French tutor or teacher online.

online French tutorFrench teacher or French tutor, that is the question

Most websites make the distinction between tutors and teachers.

Teachers have a diploma, they are professionals and often have much more experience.

Tutors on the other hand don’t have teaching diplomas, and often have less experience.

Does it make teachers better?

Not necessarily.

It all depends on your needs and budget.

If you are simply looking for speaking practice, an online French tutor will do.

If you want someone who can guide you through the learning process or prepare you for an exam, a teacher would be better.

Where can I find an online French tutor or teacher?

Now that you have decided whether you need a French tutor or a French teacher, it’s time to find one. And when it comes to finding a teacher or tutor, nothing beats italki. It’s easy to use, cheaper than most other websites and has an amazing community.

italki lets you choose between several kind of tutoring:

  • Professional lessons
  • Informal tutoring

And offers a large choice a tutors and teachers. You can find a tutor for as low as 7 dollars per hour.

If you have children or want to prepare for a specific test, you can also select specialized teachers.

You can also choose teachers who speak specific languages. For example, if you are German, you can choose a teacher who also speaks German. This could be useful when the time to explain a few grammar rules comes.

You can see reviews from other students and even schedule a trial lesson. Then all you need to do is open Skype and get ready to speak French.

Over to you

Where did you find your online French tutor? Do you feel it helps you become a better French speaker?

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