Are you ready for real life French?

The harsh reality of language learning is that it’s perfectly possible to spend months or even years learning French and still struggle to understand native speakers and be understood.

That’s because most courses teach you textbook French instead of focusing on the French you actually need in real life.

This quiz is here to test your knowledge of real life French and see how much you could understand if you were talking to a native French speaker.

To get started, listen to the conversation below. It may be overwhelming at first but you should be able to at least understand part of it.

If not, don’t worry, my English used to be TERRIBLE. Now I can speak fluently. Why? Because I decided to change the way I learned languages and focus on the English I actually needed to know.

Anyway, enough about me. Take the quiz and find out how much you understand!

Step #1: Listen to a real life French conversation

Here is a conversation from the first level of the French Together course. Listen to it carefully and see how much you understand. It;s a conversation you are likely to have if you go to France but it can be hard to prepare for with traditional courses so you may find it difficult to follow at first.

If it’s too fast, here is a slowed-down version. Listening to slow French is a great way of getting your ears used to the sounds of French before you transition to real life French.

Step #2: Take the quiz

Now that you have listened to the conversation a few times, answer the questions below. Again, don’t worry if you don’t get everything right or didn’t understand much. You are here to learn and finding out what your level is is an important step in your learning journey.