Learn to speak and understand French in just 15 minutes a day

Have you been learning French for months (or even years), yet still struggle to understand locals or freeze when it’s your turn to speak? You don’t need to study harder or keep your streak going. You need to practice real-life conversations.

Most French learning apps are great at teaching the basics but they don’t prepare you for an encounter with a fast-talking Parisian or an impatient waiter.

Imagine this scene. You’re in Montmartre and you smell freshly baked baguettes and croissants coming out of a boulangerie (bakery) with a sign “Aux Délices d’Amélie”. You push open the door in time to hear an American ordering in French, even cracking a joke with the cashier. He leaves with a bag full of pains au chocolat and a massive smile.

You take a deep breath and say “Bonjour, je voudrais un croissant s’il vous plaît”. The lady behind the counter asks you to repeat what you said. Your mouth opens for a few seconds but nothing comes out. Your confidence deflates as the line of customers behind you grows. It feels like the whole city assembled here to witness your embarrassment. Panicked, you revert to English.

Sure, some people practice by moving to France or spending thousands on a French vacation. But speaking French is easier said than done, even when you’re in the country! There’s no guarantee you won’t freeze, leave full of regrets, and end up mostly speaking English by the end of your trip.

What if you could learn French and practice actual conversations with a proven method designed to help you:

  • Train your ears to understand how locals talk.
  • Build your speaking confidence so you know what to say when it’s your turn.
  • Learn the colloquial phrases other courses don’t teach you but that locals use all the time.

Thousands of students have already used the French Together™ app and can now confidently walk into any boutique and greet the shopkeeper, crack jokes with new friends, and have meaningful conversations with French relatives, coworkers, and love interests.

Now it’s your turn! Try it today and see how much you could learn in just 15 minutes per day!

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Retrain your brain to understand forgotten French sounds

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Learn the exact phrases you will need in real life

Learn to speak French and build your confidence

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How does the free trial work?

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Will this work on my smartphone/tablet/computer?

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Is this the best French learning app for me?

You should learn French with French Together if you can say OUI to at least 4 of these statements:

  • You’re just getting started learning French and would like to speak and understand French before your trip to France.
  • You studied French at school and want to refresh your knowledge.
  • Despite knowing thousands of words, you feel paralyzed when it’s your turn to speak French.
  • You can read in French but struggle with conversation.
  • You don’t mind putting in the work as long as you know that the time you spend learning French is a positive step towards your goal of becoming a confident speaker.
  • In fact, you’re already working hard to learn French and just want to make sure you’re spending your learning time as efficiently as possible.
  • You can’t wait to become a confident French speaker and can already picture yourself asking for the chef’s recommendation in a Michelin-starred restaurant and talking about your favorite movie with your French friend Paul.
  • You love how French sounds and can’t wait to be able to watch French movies and read French books in the original version.

French Together is not the right app/course for you if:

  • You’re looking for a magical pill that’ll allow you to learn French in a day. The French Together course is awesome and it can help you quickly speak and understand French, but it won’t help you unless you’re motivated and ready to work a little bit every day.
  • You regularly speak French with your friends and have become a master in the art of asking French shopkeepers how their family is doing while joking about the weather. C’est GENIAL, this is GREAT congratulation! You could still learn a ton of useful French expressions and improve your French with French Together, but you’d be better off with a more advanced course.
  • You only want to learn French to pass your exams. This is a noble goal, and I congratulate you on it, but unless your exam is focused on expressing yourself and communicating in French, you’ve better ways to prepare for it (learning conjugation tables by heart for example).

Ready to learn conversational French?