doctor in French

How to Say “Doctor” in French – and the Ups and Downs of Going to the Doctor in France

You may have heard that France has universal healthcare, but there are some other things about healthcare in France that might surprise you. One of those is how to say “doctor” in French! Starting with that very important point, let’s talk about doctors and healthcare in France. How do you say “doctor” in French? There … Read More

best French youtubers

41 Popular French Youtubers That Will Help You Better Understand Spoken French

Watching YouTube videos is an excellent way to improve your listening skills and learn useful vocabulary while having fun.  But will you be able to understand French YouTubers if you’re not a native or advanced-level French speaker?  In most cases, yes! A significant number of French YouTubers’ videos offer French and English subtitles. Chalk it … Read More