28 Ways to Say Yes in French | With Audio Pronunciation

"yes" written the sand

If you spend some time in France or do a lot of reading or listening in French, you’ll notice that the French don’t always answer “oui” when you ask them a question. Instead, they might use the equivalent of “of course”, “yup” or “maybe”, or expressions like “Of course”, “I agree,” and “That’s it precisely.”  There’s …


How to say happy birthday in French (and the mistakes to avoid)

happy birthday

There are some cultural details we take for granted. If you’ve ever celebrated classmates’ birthdays in your French class, or seen a French movie or TV show where there was a birthday (un anniversaire), you might think you’ve got French birthday traditions down pat. Then there may come a day when you’re invited to a …


9 Ways to Say “I like you” in French

A man lies with his head in the lap of a woman on a sofa. He is looking at something on a tablet and she is laughing and looking a bit in the distance. Both seem happy and relaxed and could be friends or more.

How do you say “I like you” in French?  There’s no exact, single-verb equivalent for “to like” in French. Some people call French “the language of love”, but you never hear “the language of like” – maybe that’s why. All kidding aside, whether you’re talking about your feelings for a crush or a friend, there …