From “Miaou” to “Cocorico : ” 21 must-know French animal sounds

Close up of a rooster's head in profile. His beak is open and we can imagine him saying Cocorico!

What sound does a snake make in French? What does a French rooster sound like? How do you say “oink” or “moo” in French? These may seem like silly questions, but if you’re anything like me, at some point in your French learning journey you’ll probably be wondering about them. (By the way, the answers …


A Guide to the accent aigu, accent grave and other French E’s

French written in wooden puzzle letters

When you’re studying a language, it’s important to learn about words and culture, but what about individual letters?  The French language has an interesting relationship to some of them. French vowels, as you’ve probably noticed, are sometimes topped by accents. These can serve an important purpose, but sometimes…not so much. And while many French people …


9 common ways to say “Good morning” in French

A man and a woman are having a conversation and smiling. The man is holding a cup of coffee and the woman a glass of water. They are in what looks like a workplace.

There’s no specific way to say “Good morning” in French – at least not in French spoken in France. This may seem especially surprising since the French are extremely polite and have a number of different ways of saying “Hello” and ways of saying “Goodbye” for particular situations and times of day.   It’s not that the …


75 French slang words you need to know + audio pronunciation

A woman in a cardigan and boots and a man in a vest and short sleeved shirt and pants sit on a sofa and look at each other, talking and laughing. We see only up to their noses.

Are you familiar with French argot? Chances are, if you’ve ever watched or read something in French, the answer is probably “yes”. Argot is slang or informal language, and it’s been around in some form or another for centuries. While some common French argot words are still a bit new and edgy, many others are …


25 French insults you probably shouldn’t use | With audio

A woman with glasses and a polka dot blouse looks angrily at another person, with her hands outstretched. We only see part of the back of the other person's head. Some insults are likely being exchanged.

The French are generally very polite and prefer privacy to emotional outbursts and displays, but they are human beings, after all. And so, there’s a wide range of insults in French. Hopefully, you’ll never have to use them or say them to anyone, but it’s important to recognize French insults, since you’re likely to come …