12 Polite and Not So Polite Ways to Say “You’re Welcome” in French

you are welcome in French

When it comes to politeness, on a basic level French and English are very similar. Both languages have words and phrases  for “please”, “thank you”, “hello”, “goodbye”, and “you’re welcome.” But as may have discovered already, not all of these words have a single, simple equivalent. This is probably most apparent when it comes to …


How to use and conjugate the French verb nettoyer

A yellow sponge sits on a soapy oven tray.

Are you one of those people whose house is clean but cluttered, rather than neat and tidy? If so, the French verb nettoyer is for you!   Nettoyer means “to clean” but also has a few more subtle meanings. Let’s learn about this clean-cut verb whose meaning is surprisingly precise. Nettoyer conjugation Nettoyer is an irregular verb …


Who is Marianne, symbol of the French Republic?

The large, famous bronze statue of Marianne at the center of the Place de la Republique in Paris.

While studying or visiting France, you might have noticed a woman with unbound hair and a strange bonnet on her head cropping up in different places. Sometimes she’s topless, other times not, and she’s always wearing some version of a classical toga or chiton. At times, she’s fierce, other times peaceful. This woman is Marianne, …


The ultimate list of French conversation starters and topics

Over the shoulder view of people at a dinner party, in deep discussion.

It’s finally happened: You’ve learned enough French that you can carry on at least a simple conversation with a French person! Félicitations !   But now that you can do it, you may be wondering how to go about it. Let’s look at some French conversation starters, as well as some strategies and phrases you’ll need …


12 common ways to say “welcome” in French

A welcome mat in a doorway reads "Bienvenue".

Bienvenue is the most common way of saying “welcome” in French but as with most common words and expressions, there are variations. And there’s also a totally different verb to express “to welcome”: accueillir. Let’s take a welcome dive into these words and more, starting with seven common ways to say “Welcome” in French. The simple …