What students are saying about the French Together course

J Williams Robson

One of the best parts of this course is the fact that you had the dialogues at ‘normal speed’ versus slowed down dialogues, so it meant that you could hear how the conversation would sound in ‘real time’ vs the ‘slowed down’ audio for your ears to ‘listen more. By day twenty of this course, I felt confident enough to speak (I had to travel to France), as well as understand simple everyday sentences/directions, which only enhanced my stay in France.

– J. Williams Robson

Nottingham – United Kingdom

Moa Berghal

I’ve now finished Level 1 and I think it’s a huge difference in my French skills now compared to before. My French vocabulary has gotten a lot bigger and thanks to the audio – both normal speed & slow speed – my pronunciation has improved and I better understand simple, common meanings in French just by listening…

– Moa Berghall

Irene Belyakov-Goodman

After using the French Together course, I had a chance to speak to a French person – I traveled to England and Normandy and dared to start a conversation with our guide (who is from Paris and spoke perfect English. He wasn’t very talkative with me in French – but I was thrilled that he understood me and I – him. He was very surprised that I had studied French only for a few months.

– Irene Belyakov-Goodman
United States

Your class is awesome! I am starting totally from scratch having never taken French classes before. My husband speaks French and he’s amazed how much I’ve learned in just a couple weeks! Every night I read the new conversation to him so he can listen to my pronunciation. I’m a teacher about to be on summer break so hoping to devote lots of time to it!

– Lauren
Boston – United States

Beautiful girls in a Parisian cafe.

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Before using the French Together course, I would never have tried speaking even though I knew what to say. This course has given me more confidence in my pronunciation and usage. I wish I had bought this sooner. I really only had about 7 weeks with your program and already felt more confident speaking. I am continuing to practice and work and feel that on our return to Paris in October I will be so much more fluent.

– Rebecca Spears
United States

Laura French Together testimonial

There are so many online resources for learning French that it can be overwhelming to try and choose! I found I was spending too much time looking for the “best” course when I should have been spending that time learning. I found the French Together course was just what I had been looking to find. It gives me a quick lesson I can easily fit into my day. I look forward to it, even after a long day at work. I can access it on my computer, tablet, and phone – so can easily complete or review a lesson when I have a few minutes to spare. The phrases are real and applicable. The speakers are real people, so do not have the computer voice glitches I hear in some other programs. And I love that I can listen to them in real time for comprehension and slowly for repetition. The notes are just right to me – enough to be helpful and interesting, but not so much that I get bogged down. Lastly, I like that there isn’t extraneous dialogue in English.I’m hoping for the next 30 days SOON!!


Portland – United States

donna testimonial

I have been getting up a bit earlier each morning just to study french on your course, and then I have it with me all day, repeating to myself and combining different sentences. I only used the duolingo app before and it has helped me build up vocabulary and grammar, but for sentences it hasn’t really done anything for me. As you’re saying, when will I ever say ”Il y a une vache dans le jardin !” ?
I even feel confident enough to let people hear me speak, to show them what I’ve learnt and it feels amazing! I can better assist my son, who is going to choose french as extra language in school next year. He’s going to have a bit advantage and I cannot tell you enough how happy I am to have found this course!
It makes me confident enough to tell my son ”we can do this together!” Merci :,) Merci beaucoup !

Donna Åhrberg

Emily Bernstein testimonial

It is an excellent French course – very different than how we learn a language in the classroom. I wish I had known these lessons before moving to France. It took me FOREVER to figure out that you could switch ‘on’ and ‘nous’ when speaking. I had no idea what people were saying! Great work!

– Emily Bernstein

Before using French Together Level 1, I had spent one year struggling with French grammar and couldn’t speak French at all. After using the course for only 30 days, I feel that I better understand French grammar and feel more confident speaking. I particularly love the slow audio, because it helps my ears to listen more so that I can speak more and can honestly say that this course has saved me lot’s of time and prevented many headaches. I would totally recommend this course.

– Lyn


The Level 1 course in general is something i wish i would have read when i first started to learn french. But since i already knew pretty much all that stuff it’s even easier for me to notice some useful tips that you’ve included in the course like dropping the ‘ne’ part, “possessing” the age, or filter words. Even though its a ‘crash course’ for total beginners it can be very well used for someone who studied french in the past and wants to get back on track.Everything is spot on. As a total beginner i would have started learning french with this course for sure.

– Anton
Moscow – Russia