Bon courage

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Bon courage

Bon courage means “Good luck” when it comes to dealing with a difficult situation or in hard times. When you think of it that way, it makes sense that it literally translates to “Good courage.”

Bon courage is similar to the English expression “Hang in there,” although a bit less informal.

You can use Bon courage as a standalone expression or in a phrase or sentence. In this case, it’s typically used with pour.

You may see or hear Bon courage shortened to Courage, usually as part of a phrase with pour. If you choose to do this, be careful that it’s absolutely clear you mean Bon courage, not just the word courage (courage).


  • Hang in there
  • Good luck (in hard times or with a difficult task)

Alternative forms

  • Courage


Example sentence

Bon courage !

Good luck/Hang in there!

Bon courage pour l’examen !

Good luck on the test! (implying that this test has a reputation for being difficult, is in a difficult subject for the person you’re talking to, etc.)

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