Ça marche

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ça marche

Ça marche is a very common informal expression that means “It/That works”.

By extension, it’s also commonly used to mean “That works for me!” when making plans.


  • It/That works
  • That works for me!

Alternative forms

  • Ça marche comme sur des roulettes – That/it works/works out perfectly.


  • Ça fonctionne (a more formal alternative)
  • Ça roule (Cool/that works for me!) 

Example sentence

On se voit demain a 17h ?

Ça marche. 

“Can we meet tomorrow at 5pm?”

“That works.”

Si on décale la reunion, ça marche pour toi, Marie ?

Oui, ça marche ! 

“If we reschedule the meeting, does that work for you, Marie?”

“That’s fine/That works for me!”

Ça marche bien.

This/that works really well.

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