C’est parfait

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Cest parfait

C’est parfait means “That’s/It’s/This is perfect.” It’s a very common phrase used in informal, everyday French.

Like its English equivalent, C’est parfait can be used to comment on just about anything, from agreeing when making plans, to work someone did, and so on.


  • That’s/It’s/This is perfect.

Alternative forms


  • Super !
  • Impeccable !
  • Impec !(informal slang)
  • C’est sans faute. (to describe someone’s work or performance)
  • Nickel. (informal slang)

Example sentence

J’ai bien rangé ma chambre, Papa ?

Oui, c’est parfait.

Did I tidy up my room well, Dad?

Yes, it’s perfect.

-Le docteur a un créneau demain à 14h. Cela vous convient-il ?

C’est parfait, merci.

“The doctor has an available appointment time tomorrow at 2pm. Would that work for you?”

“That’s perfect, thank you.”

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