C’est si bon

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C’est si bon

C’est si bon means “It’s so good” or “It’s so nice.” It can be used to talk about just about anything, from food, to an activity.

You may know this phrase from the title of a famous jazz song that’s been sung by artists like Dean Martin, Eartha Kitt, and Barbara Streisand.

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  • It’s so good.

Alternative forms

  • C’est bon


  • C’est tellement bon.
  • C’est super bon. (Very informal)

Example sentence

Goûte-moi ça, c’est si bon !

Taste this – it’s so good!

C’est si bon de partir n’importe où, bras dessus bras, dessous, en chantant des chansons.

It’s so nice to go nowhere in particular, arm in arm, singing songs. (The opening lines to the song C’est si bon.)

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