J’ai fait

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j’ai fait

J’ai fait means “I did” or in some cases “I made”. It may also be the start of a phrase or phrasal verb with faire, in the past tense.

J’ai fait is not a standalone statement or phrase.

For instance, in order to express “I did it” in French, you’d have to add le: Je l’ai fait. (I did it.). Or if the “it” is feminine, you would add la and the phrase would change to Je l’ai faite.

Note that the past participle of faire is fait, not fais. J’ai fais is incorrect.


  • I did…..
  • I made….
  • I (beginning of a phrasal verb or phrase with faire in the past tense)

Alternative forms

  • Je l’ai fait (I did it.)


  • J’ai fabriqué…
  • J’ai construit…
  • J’ai accompli…

Example sentence

J’ai fait un beau dessin.

I made a beautiful drawing.

J’ai fait pleines de choses pendant mon séjour à Paris.

I did lots of things during my stay in Paris.

Oui, j’ai fait ça hier.

Yes, I did that yesterday.

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