J’aime beaucoup

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J’aime beaucoup

J’aime beaucoup means “I really like (it)” or “I like (it) a lot”. It can be used as part of a sentence or, in informal French, on its own.

To use J’aime beaucoup as part of a sentence, just add an article and a noun after it. For instance: J’aime beaucoup les chats. (I really like cats/I like cats a lot.).

You can also use this phrase when talking about a person. In that case, you could just use their name after it (if you know their name!). For example: J’aime beaucoup Julien, il est sympa. (I really like Julien, he’s nice.)

J’aime beaucoup with actions; in this case, just add the infinitive of a verb. For example: J’aime beaucoup courir. That said, this is slightly less common than using J’aime beaucoup with a noun.

In informal French, J’aime beaucoup can also be a standalone statement. For instance. – Tu aimes ce film ? – J’aime beaucoup. (“Do you like this movie?” “I really like it.”

This structure is a bit unusual in French, since you’d normally need an article or pronoun in such a statement. The more grammatically correct Je l’aime beaucoup does indeed exist – it’s the standard or formal version of J’aime beaucoup.

Note that using a personal pronoun with this phrase means that you like that person a lot. For example: Je vous aime beaucoup. (I really like all of you.). Be careful if you use aimer beaucop with someone you’re in love with or who’s a family member, though. Beaucoup means “a lot” but adding anything to the core phrase Je t’aime actually makes it less strong than “love”.


  • I like ___ a lot/I really like ___
  • I really like it/this.

Alternative forms

  • Je l’aime beaucoup (I really like it/this – the more formal/standard version of J’aime beaucoup as a standalone statement)
  • Je t’/l’/nous/vous/les aime beaucoup (I really like you/him/her/it/us/you all/them)

Example sentence

J’aime beaucoup ce tableau .

I really like this painting.

J’aime beaucoup Carole.

I really like Carol/I like Carol a lot.

J’aime beaucoup me balader dans Paris.

I really like walking around in Paris.

Tu aimes les croissants ?

J’aime beaucoup.

“Do you like croissants?”

“I like them a lot.”

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