L’amour de ma vie

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l’amour de ma vie

L’amour de ma vie means “the love of my life.” Like its English equivalent, it’s a common expression of love.

Note that the word amour doesn’t change to agree with the gender of the person in question; it’s always just amour, “love”. But the possessive pronoun can change – for instance, you could say l’amour de sa vie (the love of his/her life).

As you probably expect, this expression should always be singular, but les amours de ma vie could be possible as a joke or in poetic language. Still, it’s best to avoid pluralizing this expression – especially if you’re using it to talk about (or to!) your one true love!


  • the love of my life

Alternative Forms

  • l’amour de ta/sa/notre/votre/leur vie (the love of your/his/our/their life)


  • le grand amour (literally, “the big love” – in other words, THE ONE, a person’s one true love)
  • mon/ton/son/notre/votre/leur grand amour (my/your/his/her/our/their one true love)

Example sentence

Tu es l’amour de ma vie.

You’re the love of my life.

Sans le savoir, Sophie venait de rencontrer l’amour de sa vie.

Without knowing it, Sophie had just met the love of her life.

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