Tant pis

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Tant pis

Tant pis means “too bad” or “never mind”.

It can be used as a standalone expression or within a sentence.

Listen to the song “Tant pis” by Roch Voisine (which you’ll often hear played on French soft rock radio stations) and read its lyrics for some great examples of how the phrase tant pis can be used.

YouTube video

Tant pis pour toi ! (That’s too bad for you!) is a common phrase can be used with any stressed pronoun (vous, lui, elle, etc.). It doesn’t really express actual sympathy, more a “Too bad, so sad” type of feeling — a bit sarcastic or “Well, what are you going to do?”


  • Too bad
  • Never mind

Alternative forms


  • C’est dommage (“That’s too bad”/”What a shame”) – but note that this phrase is usually sincerely meant, or at least neutral. If it’s used to replace Tant pis it would take on a resigned or slightly careless sense.
  • Dommage pour toi/vous/lui, etc. (Too bad for you/him, etc.)- note that unlike C’est dommage, Dommage pour… has the same connotation as Tant pis pour….
  • Bien fait ! (Too bad!)
  • Bien fait pour toi/vous/lui, etc. – Too bad for you/him, etc.)
  • Bien fait pour ta gueule ! (A very common vulgar expression that means “Too bad for you, fucker!”)

Example sentence

Il voudrait qu’on se remette en couple ? Tant pis !

He wants us to get back together? Too bad!

Tu as envie d’un morceau du gâteau ? Tant pis pour toi, tout est pour moi!

You want a piece of the cake? Too bad for you, it’s all mine!

Tant pis si ils veulent aller à la piscine, elle est fermée !

Too bad if they want to go to the swimming pool – it’s closed!

Ma robe noire est à la lessive? Tant pis, je porterai la bleue.

My red dress is in the wash? Never mind, I’ll wear the blue one.

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